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July 1966

Max Patterson resigns.


May 1967

A. J. Kerr begins ministry, which lasts to September, 1979. During this time support is given at various times to France, Korea, Viet Nam, West Africa, Iron Curtain countries, Australia, Holland and World Evangelism. Local missions are supported at Bloomington, Clinton, Monticello, Carbondale, Pana, Taylorville, and Lincoln IL. and St. Paul, Minn. Also supported is the exhibit at the Illinois State Fair. Support is given to Dennis and Toni Ruch in Viet Nam.


December 1971

Verlyn Bay appointed elder.


A "JoyBus" program is instituted beginning in the early70's, ending in the early 80's. Three buses are purchased, and two routes are organized. During the most successful portion of this venture 100+ children are being brought to the church.



Greg Sims is hired as a fulltime Youth Minister. A second minister's home is purchased on Drexel Ct.in South Shores. Greg leaves to go into Christian School administration in July, 1979.



A new lobby, offices, restrooms, kitchen and a large multi-purpose fellowship hall is added to the building. As before, the major part of the carpentry and labor is done by the men and women of the congregation. Vernon Durbin takes responsibility for volunteer labor oversight. Jack Molloy, deacon, who is a home builder donates considerable labor of his construction crew in the erection of the roof and decking. This addition is finished by December, 1978, at a total cost of approx. $209,000, financed by a $135,000 loan. This is repaid in 1990.


April 1979

William Crawford, Don Gibson and Hartley Carlton appointed elders. Jim Bullock is being supported to go to Preacher Training School.


October 1979

Rhinard Troup and wife Betty, begin working with the congregation.


August, 1979

Bob Burleson becomes Youth Minister.


September 1, 1980

Greg Swango, a member of the congregation, makes a career change and becomes Youth Minister, replacing Bob Burleson. He serves until July 1983.



Rhinard Troup resigns as pulpit minister in December 1981, but stays as a member of the congregation for two more years. Hartley Carlton resigns as elder in October.


January 1982

Wayne Harvell and wife Judi come to work with the congregation. He serves until 1985 when he resigns to work in Christian Education.


November, 1982

A library is dedicated in memory of Jimmy Stearns, son of Truman and Marilyn Stearns and grandson of Benita Graham and Willis & Millie Mills.


August 1983

Scott Zapalac replaces Greg Swango as Youth Minister until January 1984.


October 1984

Loren Rasbury begins work as Youth/Education Minister.


August 1985

Ray Christman former full-time minister, and member at Sunnyside assumes the duties of Pulpit Minister while continuing his full-time secular work. This continues until 1989 when Ray moves. Loren Rasbury then becomes the new Pulpit Minister.



The Drexel house is sold and the mortgage on the building is paid in full.


October 1990

Hartley Carlton and Hershel Franklin are appointed elders.


October 1992

William Rhodes and James Casch appointed elders.


Summer 1992, 93, and 94

Adam Hammitt from Harding University is the Summer Intern.


Summer, 1993

A Gazebo, designed by Steve Kelley, son of Wendell & Evelyn Kelley, is built by the members, under the direction of Vernon Durbin. The Gazebo is used for fellowships, picnics, and wiener roasts during the Summer and Fall, as well as an outdoor classroom.


Summer, 1995 and 96

Eric Wilson from David Lipscomb University is the Summer Intern.


December, 1995

Elder Verlyn Bay dies, following a lengthy battle with cancer.



Wendell J. Kelley resigns as elder.


June 12, 1997

Scott McElroy from Auburn University is the Summer Intern.


May, 1997

Loren Rasbury resigns, working with the congregation until July.


November, 1997

Greg Swango, former Youth Minister returns with wife Bonnie and family to assume the duties of Pulpit Minister.


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