"Welcome", this is the impression that visitors to the Sunnyside Road Church of Christ take with them. As they enter the building and are greeted with a friendly handshake and are told with words and actions that they are special.


The auditorium buzzes with the sound of brothers and sisters in Christ greeting each other with affection as members from all comers of the city and outlying small towns come together to worship their Lord and Savior.


The services begin, and visitor and member alike join in song, prayer, praise and exhortation, uplifted by a service which follows the example of the New Testament Christians. Sunnyside is blessed with many men with the talent to lead the song-service. Each uses that talent to lead the membership accapella in the glorious harmony of voices worshipping with melody in the heart (Eph. 5:19). From the older, traditional hymns, to newer songs of praise, the congregation responds with some of the best examples of choral singing.


Just before the sermon is presented, young children ages 3 to 1st grade are invited to leave the main auditorium to participate in their own Sermon Time in the fellowship hall. A nursery is available for babies and toddlers.


Following services, visitors and members gather in the front lobby to greet each other and share news and plans for the day. As the visitor leaves, he or she knows that this is a congregation where brotherly love certainly continues.


How does Sunnyside ensure that this is a loving and caring congregation? It is the responsibility of the whole membership, elders, deacons, teachers, members, teens and young children. Elsewhere in this website the work of the deacons is described. But many other members participate in the programs of the congregation.



Hosts and hostesses for congregational potlucks/fellowships volunteer each month. Fellowships are planned in homes or at the church building.


Summer activities kick off with Illinois Christian Camp. More than 50 years of memories of "camp" are cherished by young and old. Senior, Junior, and Elementary weeks are a special part of summer. Next, the teens' Summer Youth Series begins. Each Monday evening the teens travel to a different "host" congregation for an evening of worship and enjoyable fellowship. Attendance at these programs has reached more than 100 young Christians. The series ends when the Illinois State Fair begins and many teens travel to Springfield to work with Exhibit Evangelism which is the church of Christ exhibit.



With a congregation that includes many young parents and children, the morning classes on Sunday and the Wednesday evening Bible classes are of utmost importance. Under the leadership of Chris Shaffer children are provided an enjoyable, enthusiastic learning environment as they mature in Christ.



Under the guidance of Gary Bingamon, the church aims to take care of the physical needs of people, with emphasis on church members. Requests are screened and ways that Sunnyside can be of help are studied. Food and other special needs are filled when families experience sickness or death.


Ladies of the congregation do, when requested, provide the meal following funeral services held at the building. A happier task for the ladies is the provision of meals for new mothers for the week following the birth of a new baby.


Members of the congregation have made the Shults-Lewis Children's Home their special concern. Each month a different item of food is announced, and a barrel in the front lobby is filled, with a representative coming from the Home to pick up those supplies.

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